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Protect Yourself from Fake Job Offers and Financial Scams!

Be aware that scammers continue to devise new ways to trick you into giving them personal information! Learn more about scams and how to protect yourself.

Be cautious about any unsolicited offers you receive for jobs or internships. Cornell students are continuing to receive a large number of fraudulent (phishing) emails with these scam offers, and some students have fallen victim. The fake messages may be well-written, reference familiar companies, or come from compromised Cornell email addresses. 

Always verify that job offers are legitimate, and do not ever send personal information over email, even if the request seems to come from a known source. Cornell University will never request funds over email for office equipment or hire students without direct contact.

Please exercise caution when contacted by unknown parties and be skeptical if you are asked to purchase gift cards—this is almost always evidence of fraud. When in doubt, check Cornell’s Phish Bowl or contact