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Coronavirus Updates: Visit Cornell’s COVID-19 and Reactivation Planning for campus-wide information. Visit FAQ for Cornell's International Community for university coronavirus plans, academic resources, visa status, travel, and more.


March 17, 2021: The Office of Global Learning community is deeply saddened by the Atlanta murders of six Asian women. Read President Pollack's statement on anti-Asian racism and violence and find out how to report campus incidents of bias.

Important News from Washington: The proposed changes to duration of status (D/S) and H-1B specialty occupation classification are no longer expected to be published or implemented. The Biden administration has issued a memorandum requiring all pending rules from the previous administration not yet published in the Federal Register to be withdrawn.

The U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, has set aside both the Department of Labor wage rule that went into effect on October 8 and the Department of Homeland Security/USCIS rule to revise the specialty occupation definitions and empl

Cornell is a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging new H-1B wage increases that will undermine employment-based immigration into the United States. Cornell joins the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and universities across the country in the lawsuit, which was filed on October 19 in Washington, D.C. 

Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a proposed rule titled "Establishing a Fixed Time Period of Admission and an Extension of Stay Procedure for Nonimmigrant Academic Students, Exchange Visitors, and Representatives of Foreign Information Media." Proposed rules do NOT go into effect immediately. Please know that we are working hard to analyze the proposed rule and will submit an official Cornell comment accordingly.

Be cautious about any unsolicited offers you receive for internships or jobs. Cornell students are continuing to receive a large number of fraudulent (phishing) emails with these scam offers, and some students have fallen victim. 

Learn more about the new executive order that the White House has issued on immigration. Know that we firmly believe that an international community is essential to educating the brightest, solving critical global problems, reducing international tension, and facilitating empathy and leadership across nations.

The White House issued a Presidential Proclamation on May 29 suspending the entry of certain graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from China. We have limited details. We know that consular officers will be assessing visa applications to determine if applicants are or have been affiliated with an institution connected to China’s Military Civil Fusion (MCF) strategy. Read alert for more details.

Scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding coronavirus. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) outlines steps to protect yourself from these scams. 

President Pollack in CNN: "On America's campuses, a tightening net of government regulations is increasingly excluding some of the young minds our country needs most."

If you are a current student, scholar, or staff member traveling abroad and you are not permitted to return to the United States or have urgent immigration questions, call the Cornell Police at +1 607 255-1111.