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File Your Return with Sprintax

Are you ready to file your federal income tax forms? Use our free Sprintax tax preparation software for internationals!

If you’re a nonresident for tax purposes, you can’t use TurboTax or other tax software designed for residents. To avoid wasted work, use only Sprintax.

You must submit your federal and state tax returns by April 15, 2024. You’ll need forms from Cornell or other employers before you can file. You will receive the Sprintax access code when you follow step 2 below.

Don't Fall for Tax Scams

Many at Cornell have received phishing emails claiming to come from Cornell or the IRS, for example that says recipients can get a "refundable amount of 1400.00 USD." This offer is fraudulent! Do not respond if you receive the message. Learn more about common scams and how protect yourself.

E-File with Sprintax

Now Sprintax lets you file your tax return electronically! With e-filing, there's no need to print your return and mail it to the IRS.

To e-file, log into Sprintax following the instructions in step 2 below. Then complete the Sprintax questionnaire and proceed through the payment stage. Select "Proceed with E-file" as your filing option. If you prefer to file by mail for any reason, you can do so. Learn more about e-filing with Sprintax.

Ready to file? Get started now!

The Office of Global Learning will publish the access code after the University Tax Office has sent all the tax forms needed by the international community. Usually this happens mid-March. 

If you have questions about how to use the Sprintax software, get in touch with the free, live Sprintax support team. Log into your account to contact them.

  1. Gather Docs

  2. Create Account
  3. Follow Prompts
  4. Remember NYS

1 Gather your documents. 

Pull together the forms and documents that are relevant to you. 

Have your materials ready before you access Sprintax ...

  • W-2: This form reports your U.S. earnings. If you had more than one employer, you should get a W-2 from each. 

  • 1042-S: This form reports stipend, scholarship, or fellowship income; travel grants; or income covered by a tax treaty. These are usually provided by the Tax Office by mid-March.
  • 1099: This form reports miscellaneous income, including freelance earnings or interest on bank accounts. 
  • SSN or ITIN, if you have one 
  • Valid passport 
  • I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) form 
  • Your tax forms from last year, if you were in the U.S. and filed a tax return 

If you’re a current Cornell employee, you can find your Cornell tax documents in Workday. Go to View My Tax Documents in the Pay section. 

2 Create a Sprintax account.

Sprintax will save your information so you can log in and out without starting over. If you use Sprintax in future years, your information will carry over. 

The Sprintax code request is now available on your MyStatus account. To obtain the access code, click General Services in myStatus and choose Sprintax Access Code. Submit the attestation. You will receive an automated email that contains the access code. Save this code, you will need to provide it on the payment screen. The code will remove the fee for Federal return, but not for any applicable State return.

3 Follow the Sprintax instructions.

Sprintax will help you determine if you are a nonresident or resident. If you are a nonresident, the software will generate your completed tax return or 8843 formIf you have questions, ask the Sprintax help team by online chat or email. 

4 Don’t forget your state taxes! 

Sprintax will figure out if you need to file a state return. Not everyone has to do one, but if you do, Sprintax will create your state return as well as your Federal return. Please be aware that state tax returns are not included in the discount code.

After you have completed the federal tax forms in Sprintax ...

You’ll have an option to use the software to fill out your state forms. The software will charge you a reasonable fee for your State return that is not covered by Cornell. 

You must complete your federal tax form first, before you can do your state taxes. 

Need an Extension? 

Can I use Sprintax if I have graduated? 

Yes. You will need your Cornell NetID and password to access the software. If you do not remember your password, email us. We will give you a way to access the software. 

Who should I list as the administrative head of my program?

We suggest using the dean of your college. Visit your college’s website to find contact information for the dean’s office. 

I am a nonresident and filed my taxes using TurboTax. What should I do?

TurboTax is good software for residents, but don’t use it if you are a nonresident for federal tax purposes. If you’re a nonresident, and you’ve already filed resident forms, please refer to this information provided by Sprintax on filing an amended tax return.

There is a fee for amended returns. Cornell covers the cost of all initial forms.