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Academic Appointment Policy

Cornell University can only sponsor foreign nationals for work in certain academic job titles. Below is the full list of job titles for which Cornell will act as the immigration sponsor. Foreign nationals may hold other nonacademic positions at the university, if they have already gained work authorization through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  

Cornell only sponsors foreign nationals for permanent residence for permanent academic positions.

Academic titles may not be used for appointments in administrative or other nonacademic units. The following authorized academic titles are primary titles. Secondary (administrative) titles such as dean, director, and provost are not included. 

Academic Titles Used at Cornell

Professor (adjunct or acting)* 
Associate Professor (adjunct or acting)* 
Assistant Professor (adjunct or acting)* 
Senior Lecturer* 
Senior Scholar* 
Senior Scientist*  
Senior Research Associate 
Research Associate 
University Professor 
Professor Emeritus 
Senior Extension Associate 
Extension Associate  
Postdoctoral Associate 
Postdoctoral Fellow 
Teaching Associate
Visiting Fellow 
Visiting Critic
Visiting Scholar
Visiting Scientists
University Librarian 
Associate University Librarian 
Assistant University Librarian 
Associate Librarian 
Senior Assistant Librarian 
Assistant Librarian 
Associate Archivist
Senior Assistant Archivist
Assistant Archivist

*These titles may also be modified by adding “Visiting.” Only one modifier may be used with a title. 


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