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How We Work Together

The Office of Global Learning’s International Services team is dedicated to supporting Cornell’s international community: registered students, scholars, their spouses and children, and alumni who are registered under Cornell’s immigration certification.

An important part of our work is advising professionals in departments across campus, so that your work with international students, visitors and interns, and international faculty and staff runs smoothly and effectively.

This portion of the website focuses on advising degree-seeking international students. It addresses some common questions and problems staff members face while supporting this community. Please email us if you have other questions or concerns. We want to help!

What does International Services do?

Our staff has been authorized by the Department of Homeland Security to advise internationals, disseminate information, and maintain immigration records in the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) database. Here are some of the ways we carry out these responsibilities.

  • Help Cornell’s admissions offices in Ithaca and on the Cornell Tech campus issue immigration documents
  • Advise students and academic staff about how to maintain legal status during their U.S. residency period
  • Lead workshops on topics pertinent to the international community
  • Maintain immigration records for more than 7,000 international students and scholars and their families, as well as 2,000 alumni.

Can you answer a question for me about a specific student’s immigration status?

We can answer general immigration questions. However, we usually cannot talk about a specific student’s status or record unless the student is present, he or she has given written permission for you to speak with us, or there is an issue that creates a pressing need to know for a faculty or staff member.

How can I contact International Services?

We are open when the university is open. Visit us during walk-in advising hours for in-person advice or reach out by phone or email.