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Campus Resources

Resources for All Students

Cornell Career Services (CCS)

Cornell Career Services supports students and alumni through their career development journey. From discovering their interests and goals to preparing for their job search, international students can find a variety of career support through CCS. The Career Development Toolkit contains tools and resources for international students, bearing in mind the unique immigration restrictions and cultural differences that impact the international student career experience.

Learn more about Career Services

Cornell Health

Cornell Health is the university’s student health center, offering medical care, mental health services, and support for students in Ithaca (spouses and partners of students are eligible for some services as well). Most services cost just $10; some preventive services have no cost.

Visit Cornell Health’s website 

Cornell University Tax Office

Cornell's tax office determines whether payments made by Cornell University are taxable, reportable, and subject to withholding. It ensures that the university complies with all federal, state, and local taxes, including those applicable to foreign nationals.  If you are a foreign national who expects to receive payments from Cornell University, you must complete the online Foreign National Questionnaire. The tax office uses the Foreign National Questionnaire to evaluate your residency status (i.e., nonresident alien vs. resident alien) and to grant treaty benefits/tax exemptions.

Check out U.S. Income Tax Basics to learn more about U.S. taxes. You find more details about foreign national tax issues and complete the Foreign National Questionnaire on the tax office website. If you have any questions, please email the tax office.

Visit the Tax Office

International Student Union (ISU) 

Cornell's International Student Union (ISU) has created a survival guide of resources and tips that the students who created it wish they had before coming into Cornell. ISU has also created a packing list with suggestions as to what to bring from home and what to purchase here in Ithaca. Please note: The survival guide and packing list are created and maintained by ISU students, and the Office of Global Learning is not responsible for its accuracy. ISU also offers MINT (Mentorship for INTernational students). The program aims to pair new students with an experienced mentor, who will guide new students through the process of adjusting to life at Cornell socially, academically, financially, and professionally. 

View the Survival Guide

Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSCCS)

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSCCS) is responsible for engaging our community about the values and expectations of all Cornell students. OSCCS facilitates a restorative and educational process to address behavioral concerns that do not align with the expectations outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (Code). Click on the link above to view the PowerPoint presentation and learn more about OSCCS.

View a PowerPoint presentation about OSCCS

Student Disability Services (SDS)

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides academic and/or environmental accommodations and services for qualified students with disabilities who are encountering barriers preventing them from being able to fully participate or engage in their Cornell experience.

SDS has over 6,000 students registered with SDS. They work with students who identify as having physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, temporary illnesses and injuries, and more. They work with students who already know they have a disability, and can help students who may think they have a disability but aren’t sure. Some examples of accommodations include: transportation services, extended time on exams, captioning and American Sign Language Interpreting, note-taking assistance, housing and dining accommodations, and more!

Working with SDS or using accommodations is not reported on your transcript, and they do not disclose a student’s disability to faculty or others.

Visit SDS's "Get Started" FAQ page

Title IX

The Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX (OIETIX) promotes and ensures equal opportunity and access to enable all members of the Cornell community to succeed and thrive.

Undergraduate students can access "Understanding Title IX and Related University Policies and Procedures" and Graduate and Professional students can access "Graduate and Professional Student Responsibility – Sexual and Related Misconduct." These trainings are part of the To Do List for new students and is located under the Community & Expectations section. There is information included in the individual description on how to access the training. You will need complete this training by January 19. Students with technical questions or trouble logging in should contact 

Complete the Undergraduate To Do List Compete the Graduate To Do List

Resources for Undergraduates

John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines

The John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines administers writing seminars and writing intensive courses in a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and at all levels of undergraduate education; it also offers writers a variety of additional support systems, including alternate-route First Year Writing Seminars in their Writing Workshop, tutoring at the Cornell Writing Centers, and support for multilingual writers (among other forms of support and outreach). Click on the link and watch this video to learn about the Knight Institute.

View the Orientation Document

Learning Strategies Center (LSC)

The Learning Strategies Center (LSC) is the central academic support unit for undergraduates at Cornell University. Their mission: through program offerings that encourage students to develop effective approaches to mastering the academic rigors of Cornell, the LSC strives to actively engage students in the learning process and support their efforts to become more successful and independent learners. Please click on the link above which will lead you to an overview video of their programs and services. If you would like to explore other comprehensive videos about the LSC's resources including study skills and tips from peers, you may browse through their YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Watch a video about LSC

Resources for Graduate and Professional Students

English Language Support Office (ELSO)

The mission of the English Language Support Office (ELSO) is to offer writing and speaking support to multilingual and international graduate and professional students that meets the needs of students in diverse programs, from diverse linguistic backgrounds, and at diverse points in their graduate careers.

Learn more about the ELSO