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Tuition and Living Expenses

When you apply for student status, you’re required to show proof of your financial support. As you plan for your time at Cornell, it’s important to keep track of tuition costs and living expenses and budget accordingly. This page gives an estimate of international students’ typical expenses for the 2023–24 academic year at Cornell.


Year Semester
Endowed* and Statutory**
(International undergrads in F-1 or J-1 status are not eligible for in-state tuition reduction.)
$65,204 $32,602
Graduate School
Year Semester
Endowed* $29,500 $14,750
Statutory** $20,800 $10,400

*Endowed: AAP, A&S, Engineering, SC Johnson Hotel School, JGSM PhD, Law JSD
**Statutory: CALS, Human Ecology, ILR, CVM PhD 

Professional Degrees
Year Semester
JGSM: MBA (2-year program) $76,690 $38,345
JGSM: AMBA (1-year program) $118,758 N/A
LAW: LLM $74,098 N/A
LAW: JD $74,098 $37,049
MEng, MArch $62,456 $31,228
MMH $62,456 N/A
MILR, CIPA $40,888


Living Expenses 

Undergraduate (9 months) $25,038
Graduate (12 months) $37,165

To calculate expenses for less than an academic year: Undergrad expenses = $2,194/month x number of months + $155/semester (activity fee) + $682/semester (books and supplies) + $3,612 (one year of health insurance). Grad expenses = $2,763/month x number of months + $43/semester (activity fee) + $3,912 (one year of health insurance). Contact Student Health Benefits for prorated health plan rates.

Family Expenses

Spouse (12 months) $14,502
One child $12,942
Children (above amount plus) $3,450 per each additional child

Spouse expenses = $921/month x 12 months + $3,450 (one year of health insurance). Children = $791/month x 12 months per child + health insurance for one year: $3,450 for one child, $6,900 total for two or more children. Contact Student Health Benefits for prorated health plan rates.