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About Your Status

The Office of Global Learning is here to answer your questions and help you maintain your status while you are employed at Cornell.  

You obtain an immigration status in the United States through admission at a port of entry or by approval of an application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Your status is also referred to as visa status or nonimmigrant status. Some common statuses for Cornell faculty and staff are J-1 and H-1B. 

Once you have your status,  you need to be aware of what to do—and not do—to maintain your legal status. It is important not to violate any of the provisions of your status, so you can keep your focus on the professional goals that brought you to Cornell.  

What’s the difference between my visa and my status? 

Your visa is the entry stamp in your passport that allows you to enter the United States.  

When you enter, you present your passport with the entry visa. An officer at the port of entry admits you in a status that matches the visa in your passport. This is your visa status.

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How is my status recorded? 

Your status is stamped in your passport by and recorded electronically in an I-94 arrival/departure record when you enter the United States.  

Always keep paper or electronic copies of all documentation related to your status, including current and expired passports and any employment authorization. You may need them. 


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