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Transfer from Cornell

If you are an F-1 or J-1 student, and you want to study at a different U.S. college or university, you’ll need to transfer your immigration status to your new school.  

This transfer is required even if you are graduating, if you plan to enter a degree program (for example, a law school or Ph.D. program, for example) at a new school. The only exception is summer-only programs during your time at Cornell.

If you want to transfer your status from Cornell to another school, contact the Office of Global Learning to discuss your plans. 

How to Transfer Your Status 

  1. Share Plans
  2. Pick Date
  3. Meet Deadline
  4. Complete Form

1 Talk with us about your plans. 

Keep the Office of Global Learning looped into your transfer plans. There may be transfer forms from your new school that we need to complete before you can transfer. Contact your new school to find out. 

2 Decide on a transfer date. 

In consultation with the Office of Global Learning, you’ll need to choose a date when you will end your program at Cornell. 

We will enter this date into the SEVIS database so that your new school will be able to produce an I-20 for you after your release date. Be sure to discuss any interim travel or work plans you have with one of our advisors, as these plans may affect your transfer procedure. 

3 Be sure you meet your deadline! 

It’s best to start the transfer process earlier, but F-1 and J-1 students receive a grace period. 

If you are graduating from Cornell, and you plan to go on to another program at another school, you must discuss your transfer with the Office of Global Learning no later than the end of this grace period: 

  • F-1: No more than 60 days after graduation 
  • J-1: No more than 30 days after graduation 

We need to enter your transfer information into the SEVIS database before the end of your grace period. Your release date can be later.

4 Complete the Transfer Out form

Please complete the Transfer Out form to have your current SEVIS F-1 or J-1 student record transferred from Cornell University to another SEVP certified institution.

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