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J-1 Travel Signatures

If you are a J-1 exchange visitor and you plan to travel outside the United States during your time at Cornell, you need a valid DS-2019 with travel signature to reenter the country. You may request a new  DS-2019 with travel signature via our I-20/DS-2019 reprint request form. We will send you your DS-2019 via one of three methods: PDF, or original via "regular" USPS (for which there is no delivery time estimate or tracking) or express mail (for which payment instructions are included in the request link). Express mail is required for international shipments.

Travel signatures are valid for twelve (12) months for J-1 professors and research scholars, and for six (6)months for short-term scholars. If you have a valid travel signature, you may be able to travel many times on with the one travel signature.

If your J-1 program is extended, we will give you a new DS-2019 with travel signature. If you have questions about your travel signature, contact International Services.  

Other Visa Types Don’t Need Travel Signatures 

You don’t need to worry about travel signatures if your visa type is H-1B, O-1, TN, or E-3.

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