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Invite or Extend J-1 Visitors

  1. Complete Forms
  2. Correct or amend your request
  3. Get DS-2019
  4. Required Status Activation

1 Complete the relevant request forms.

  • Use this page for new J-1 visitors.
  • If your visitor is transferring to Cornell from another institution, please obtain the name, email and phone number of the Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer (from that institution's International Office). You will need this information in order submit the request form.
  • You must be pre-approved in order to access the request form for new J-1 visitors. Please email us to request authorization.
  • Use this form to extend the stay of current visitors. You will need to have the scholar's EMPL ID and birth date ready.

2 Correct or amend your request.

  • Amending a program start date, updating a name, or financial support information? Correct initial requests via the Biographic Update, Program Amendment, and/or Financial Amendment e-forms available through the Online Services Portal.
  • Allow five business days before inquiring about a submitted extension or amendment request.

3 The visitor will receive a DS-2019.

  • After processing your request, we will prepare a DS-2019 form.
  • For initial requests, we will send the new DS-2019 as per your preferences.
  • For extension requests, we will email the J-1 visitor when the new form is ready and to arrange for delivery.

4 New J-1 visitors must complete Required Status Activation.

More about Extensions and Transfers


Before submitting a request for a J-1 program extension, please verify that your exchange visitor is eligible for an extension.

The Office of Global Learning will not extend J status unless the request comes directly from the responsible human resources representative. Allow five business days for processing. Please do not send us the scholar’s confidential data (date of birth, SSN, or country of birth).

Here are the time limits ...

  • Professors and researchers: 5 years maximum
  • Short-term scholars: 6 months maximum
  • J-1 interns: 12 months maximum


To transfer a J-1 professor or researcher from another institution to Cornell (transfer-in), see step 1 above.

Important Details

J-1 students are not eligible to transfer to Cornell programs as a J-1 professor, researcher, short-term scholar, or intern.

The Office of Global Learning can’t prepare a DS-2019 form for a transfer-in J-1 until the other program sponsor releases the SEVIS record to us. This will most often be on the date that the Cornell appointment begins.