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Tax Preparation Help

Cornell has teamed up with Sprintax to provide you with easy-to-use tax preparation software designed for nonresident students, scholars, alumni, and their dependents. Sprintax will generate your tax return and allow you to file it electronically.

Sprintax meets the tax needs of most of Cornell's international community. TurboTax is designed for residents and is not suitable for most international students and scholars. Don't try to use it unless you are a resident for tax purposes.

Office of Global Learning staff are not tax specialists, and we do not provide individual tax advice. Please use the software and direct your tax preparation questions to the Sprintax help team.

Support from Sprintax

Sprintax offers general tax information workshops free of charge. Sprintax also runs special workshops for those who worked on OPT/CPT during the tax year and for J-1 scholars. Sign up for one of their workshops and be prepared for tax season.

Sprintax has a comprehensive blog that addresses more unusual situations, like how to file a return for multiple states.

Resources for Everyone

We hope these online resources help you during tax season.

Resources for Residents

Most Cornell international students, faculty, and staff file as “nonresident aliens.” You only become a resident for tax purposes if you get a green card or if you pass what is called the substantial presence test.